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AE & the Paints

   In the year 2016 Alander moved to Israel where he re-discovered himself as a painter, self-expressing gesturally and intuitively. In coexistence with other cultures and religions and influenced by the new way of thinking, reading, writing and especially listening, the artist thoroughly investigates the Hebrew alphabet, where he resumes his research, this time in the field of pictorial art, reusing materials, using different techniques, mixing shapes and appropriating the alphabet to create a new language.
    Alander created in his painting a personal code, which uses as a form of dialectic, the phonetics of each written word presenting figurative and abstract designs and different symbologies, visiting his interest in ancestral philosophies, numerology and in the Kabbalah. All this uniting political, religious and spiritual issues, thus externalizing their inner way of seeing the world, proposing a semiotic of nonverbal texts.
    After a year and a half in the new country, he received an invitation from the director of the art center from the city of Ra'anana where he lives, to be part of a project where selected artists would make paintings in the city’s energy boxes. And so he spread his works throughout Ra’anana, bringing more color to its gray tones.

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